Is Martial Law Really Coming To The US? PART 2 (VIDEO)

With many vital pieces of information rapidly disappearing around the internet, you can only find credible information on official Governmental websites concerning this matter for a very short period of time. So based on my research and creating a timeline on all specific events, I have produced videos in order to inform everyone of what is going on in our own backyard here in the US. 

In this video below, I continued my informative awareness act by sharing all of the impeccable unorthodox knowledge I have gained during my time of extensively researching this topic. Watch this video and listen to me closely.



More About Dane Calloway

I am an impeccable unorthodox researcher and public speaker. My knowledge of surreptitious information provides unembellished truth that is generally not mentioned to the public.

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Instagram: @imjustheretomakeyouthink 

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