Is Martial Law Really Coming To The US?

How things are panning out these days in America, the answer to this question will be an obvious one. Between former President George W. Bush and now President Barack Obama, they both have signed multiple Executive Orders in preparation for what clearly sounds like Martial Law.  

In this video below, I share very detailed vital information concerning this matter.

In 2002, former President George W. Bush filed a Salvage Claim with the United Nations (UN). The claim states that African Americans and Mexican Americans have singlehandedly destroyed the economic infrastructure of the United States of America, and the US needed a bailout due to these tragic damages. Bush claimed that these specific people were the actual causes due to student loans, car loans, home loans, welfare and food stamps. 

The United Nations granted that motion and it also included some very disturbing orders to be delivered by the US. One of them ordered the removal of all African Americans and Mexican Americans from the United States, and the other order demands that the debt must be paid by the land.

Watch the video above for more information.


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