Vladimir Putin Explains How President Obama Created ISIS (VIDEO)

Russia President, Vladimir Putin, explains in great detail of how the United States President Barack Obama, along with the Obama administration, has created the terrorist group called ISIS.

ISIS – terrorist group/organization – are US government funded militants, that are militarily trained, militarily resourcefully supported and hired solely for handling the “dirty work” of the United States of America. This group was founded and created by the Obama administration and its affiliates of the US government. – Dane Calloway #ImJustHereToMakeYouThink
Watch the video below:

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One response to “Vladimir Putin Explains How President Obama Created ISIS (VIDEO)

  1. Hello,

    While there are salient points made here about how terrorist groups in the middle east and central asia have been organized and militarized by the US government (for many decades), it disturbs me that you’ve used anything from Vladimir Putin, a despotic leader of a nation with a centuries old history of doing the same and much, much worse throughout the world (the situation in Syria being only the most recent and widely known case in point).


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