How To Survive Martial Law In The US

Millions of people do not know what martial law really means. Thousands of people believe that martial law is in fact a joke. Hundreds of people do not care about it to begin with, while it would still effect us all tremendously simultaneously. This is not a joking matter of opinion, that it why this topic is not mentioned on our mainstream media television and radio stations in America. 
In my “Is Martial Law Really Coming To The US?” video series, I proved to everyone that it is in fact coming. I also gave facts and shared vital information as to why, how and what to expect during the state of Martial Law in the US. Thousands of people were asking me the same exact question, and that question is “what can we do to survive?“. I answered that question in two parts and I shared information as to what Martial Law really means.

Watch this video below:



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