The Part Of Black History Month That White Supremacy Keeps Quiet

Not just in the motherland continent of Ethiopia, copper colored people were citizens of America too, way before 1492’s genocide in America took place. 

Not all of those Native Colored Indigenous people were killed off during that era. (THINK) You are the offsprings of THOSE holocaust survivors. 

History as its being told now and for centuries is all a huge lie. Our real and direct ancestors are the original Natives of and to THIS land, not all of us are directly from Africa! 

The Proof You Need


You can verify that by birth records and birth dates! You do not need those fake but ever so popular DNA test with the fabricated results done. Look up the companies controlling your results. 

They are all European and they want to continually feed you even more false information so you wont ever Know the actual Truth for a Fact) You can actually find out the truth whenever you are ready, for you and your family’s heritage and tribe’s sake.