Blacks Has No Standing In Law Because America Granted Them Privileges, Not Rights

In today’s society of America, people of color are being referred to as “African-Americans” and/or “Blacks” as their classifications of race and as their identities concerning their direct nationalities. 

Ever since Indigenous Aborigines of America were racially classified as “Black” beginning in the 1900 Census, society resumed utilizing the derogative term to officially launch the streamlining of labeling people of color as “Black” people. 

The term “Black” became very popular between the early 19oo’s and beyond, due to a very deceitful hidden agenda that the public of today has no idea of. 

The Hidden Agenda Behind The Term Black

This hidden agenda derived from the likes of some high-ranking political figures, well decorated abolitionists and other co-conspirators within the federal government and some other institutions alike, and carried out by the likes of some powerful individuals, some whom just so happened to share the same hue as you and I….sadly.

I’ll be sure to go into full detail about this in a later documentary, but, I will briefly note some critically important information, in correlation to this segment pertaining to this particular portion of the topic. 

For instance, throughout the years this generation can recall, we are fully aware of some key public figures puppeteering the terminology in question… 

From the likes of Frederick Douglas to Marcus Garvey, to Martin Luther King Jr to Malcolm X, to Louis Farrahkan to Umar Johnson, and even old and new Hip-Hop/Rap music…and more. 

This fictitious methodology format of eugenics singlehandedly morphed the destruction of the Indigenous Aborigines true identities, leaving each generation of people of color, produced in the mid 1900’s and beyond, in the dark concerning their factual heritage, cultures, languages and history systematically. 

I have since diligently researched the term “Black” for several years and I would like to share with you what I find to be some crucial information on whether or not the term “Black” has any merit when it comes to having any standing in law according to the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.