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A Must See: Yes She Is Naked, But This Is Not What You Think It Is (Video)

#IJHTMYT – For starters, this is not what you think this is by a long shot. It’s not a porn movie, nor should this offend you in any format your mind creates. 
She is a naturally beautiful black young woman by the name of Cidney G. Green.

A short time ago, Green encountered a commonly known issue throughout all of the social media giants like Facebook and YouTube for example, but in this case, her issue came by the way of Instagram. 

A post she created on her personal Instagram account was reported for allegedly having “inappropriate content/nudity” displayed to the public. 

Due to this sole post alone, her entire Instagram account was removed indefinitely without warning. This lead Green to approach this matter head on, tackling this problem in a rather unique but nature way. Pun intended. 

Cidney Green states – 

This video is intended to change the bullshit surrounding sex and nudity by pointing out how society prefers violence and pain over pleasure and pussy.

Watch Cidney Green’s video below – 

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