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Billionaire Nazi Terrorist Leader George Soros funds new U.S. Federal Police Force

While every African-American was recently distracted with the ever so lovely #foreverduncan viral video, and every Caucasian-American’s attention was directed towards Donald Trump’s business tax files, simultaneously a ball was dropped in the case of some more chaotic uprisings incurring in America.

Not only did he fund the #BlackLivesMatter group $33 million dollars back in Sept. 2013 and $650,000 back in Oct. 2015, in order to begin a racial deprived war between the Black and White Americans, all surrounding this year’s upcoming Presidential election in November; well known Billionaire and Nazi terrorist leader George Soros is now funding a brand new task force in the United States, called the U.S. Federal Police Force.

Details of these newly hired gunmen are rolling out now due to a few leaked official memos that revealed some of insight of the all new Federal Police Force. The FPF’s main obligation is to assist all U.S. Military surrounding the upcoming “State of Emergency” aka Martial Law, predicted to occur later this year.

This new task force will replace mostly state and local police immediately with the 1 million foreign United Nations (UN) soliders that President Obama requested within the 2008 Executive Order. The FPF’s orders are to centralize power and strip all US citizens of their respective rights in each state, leaving all legal US Constitutional rights suspended during any FPF vs US citizen encounter. Pay attention! 


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