Osiyo Niiji!

I want to personally thank you for your continued support of the work that I create and present to the public. All of your likes, comments, and shares means a great deal to me because it plays an essential role in assisting me to continue to do exactly what I am doing for you and everyone else right now.

Ever since I started back in 2015, many people have informed me that they love what I am doing and I really made them think, and to please keep it up. And I truly love their reactions and responses and especially with making them think in general, and as you can imagine, it takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication in doing so.

Many of you have informed me that you would like for me to create even more informative content, and if we all pool our resources, I can produce even more informative and educational content for you, on a much larger scale and more consistent basis. Now, I am not asking for one supporter to pay a lot of money, I am asking all of you who get any value from my content, learn anything or just simply enjoy watching my content, to all come together and support me with a donation. This will allow me to keep the worldwide spread of truthful information going, and also to bring awareness and transparency to the hidden truths about a variety of popular topics concerning American History, World History, Politics, Religion, Racism, National News, World News, Education, and much more.

Every little bit counts in my book and every donation you make towards me and my cause can save a life. All donations are very much appreciated and I thank you for your support. Wado!

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