Uncovering what’s hidden in plain site isn’t easy, especially not for surrounding residents of this one out of many FEMA death camp locations throughout America.

Today’s society believes that FEMA camps do not exist but document proof says otherwise. Let’s take a in-depth look into the unforseen unorthodox evidence of what might be the answer to the original question. Is it a theory or not?

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Be sure to indulge in your own detailed research concerning this topic of discussion. The more awareness we bring towards the public, the quicker we will resist and prevent these evil premeditated events from occuring. 

To continue from where we left off, the next video displays a still current accurate account of where the prisoners (citizens) are purged to once captured by the oppressors during a state of crisis.

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In the very next installment of this series, the video opens up with some very critical words from former President Obama about International Order. This message was delivered to the public, but mostly everyone said nothing and paid it no mind at all?

Check Out Part Three 

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