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How Many African Americans Are Really Missing? Numbers Have Peaked Well Over Into The Millions

Millions of African Americans are drastically missing from their family’s life in today’s society. 

Multiple credible reports sore the internet, indicating that there are in fact hundreds of African American women, men and especially children purged, or rather kidnapped, from their homes and neighborhoods quietly on a daily basis. 

In the year 2009, Ted Gunderson, a former CIA Regional Commander and Chief, stated that he developed information about child kidnapping rings. 

Gunderson goes on to say, “There are ninety-one Americans who dissappear every hour”. “It is estimated that between 85-90% of them are children”. “Now that’s over 700,000 Americans who disappear every year.”

In a televised CNN interview, former Jet magazine Editor and Chief, Mitzi Miller, was questioned about her exclusive Jet magazine issue; tackling the topic of the missing Black people in America. 

Miller stated that there are double the number of African Americans missing, than there are African Americans existing in this country.

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