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Social Sites Are Removing This Video! It Exposes Why Amber Alerts For Missing African Americans Are Not Established (Video)

This video has been removed from my original YouTube channel and Facebook fan page for obvious reasons. But I am only sharing publicly verifiable data, so what’s the big deal?

Why am I receiving a community strike on my YouTube channel for not follow “community guidelines”? When clearly I am only reporting facts, and I am not displaying anything explicit like nudity etc.

Uploaded earlier this morning, it gained over 100 views and 30+ likes, then it vanishes no more than 10 minutes after being uploaded to YouTube.

They are really trying to hide something…

I have tried multiple different ways to share this video but every attempt was unsuccessful. My team has encounter a problem with uploading this clip below of my upcoming documentary on my site as well. 

Hopefully you can watch this clip as we have uploaded it to one of our related backup accounts. 

Watch the video below. 


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