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Top Five Reasons Why Donald Trump Won


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I present the absolute truthful information concerning Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. I state facts as to why and I also display credible evidence/sources that you can go behind me and research for yourself. The war has already begun, and Martial Law in the U.S. can still become a reality rapidly. I am not here to make you afraid of anything, I am here to make you aware of the things that are not being talked about…plus 


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I am an impeccable unorthodox researcher and public speaker. My knowledge of surreptitious information provides unembellished truth that is generally not mentioned to the public.

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Dane Calloway is an educator, well-respected historian, and unorthodox researcher with 15+ years of related experience specializing in ethnographic, field, and historical research, American Indian history, World history, American history, case study, and unconventional journalism. Dane Calloway is the founder of Im Just Here To Make You Think Inc., in which he and his company specialize in educational writing and audiovisual works, sharing knowledge of surreptitious information by providing unembellished truths that is generally not mentioned and/or known to the public.