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Local and National corporate news media stations and outlets are one directionaly covering the aftermaths of the violence that persist in the “Inner-Cities” (also was once deemed as Ghettos) of Chicago, but they fail to uncover the truths about what’s really keeping the violence going, that has been peaking and surpassing record numbers set from the previous years before. 

Of course this is more than just your standard issue, but since we are aware that the CIA – Central Intelligence Agency – is involved with literally supplying those same Inner-Cities with drugs systematically, just to enforce the codes under the colors of their laws, then why are we not investigating those same corporations for possible involvement with this conspiracy? 

I put together this video below, that brings the truth to the light for the public, when it was right in front of us to begin with.


Dane Calloway is an educator, well-respected historian, and unorthodox researcher with 15+ years of related experience specializing in ethnographic, field, and historical research, American Indian history, World history, American history, case study, and unconventional journalism. Dane Calloway is the founder of Im Just Here To Make You Think Inc., in which he and his company specialize in educational writing and audiovisual works, sharing knowledge of surreptitious information by providing unembellished truths that is generally not mentioned and/or known to the public.