Many people have reached out to me concerning correcting their current status from those fraudulent, non-existing uncomplimentary status codes, like “African-American” and “Black” for example, due to their personal discovery of that neither term has any standing in law. (see part one and part two to learn how)

This entire situation is very important, because not only does either term has no standing in law, but if a person has been identifying themselves as such terms on any documents requiring their information, i.e. employment forms, driver’s license applications or any governmental documents, etc., that will inadvertently classify them as undocumented immigrants. (see part one and part two to learn why)

This was explained in full detail on more than one of my YouTube videos already, so let me explain what is provided that will assist those, along with their relatives, with this matter. 

Please note that I am absolutely NOT providing any legal advice whatsoever. I’ve compiled a well researched educational package that covers important legal information regarding you correcting those matters from start to finish. 

The package also provides sources to the necessary research and documentation that will allow you to conduct and establish multiple beneficiaries legally, plus, protection during and after the process.

The package that is automatically sent to your email includes (but it is not limited to) the following: 

  • Legal Information On Correcting Your Status
  • Legal Information About Your Lawful Rights Before And After
  • Legal Information Concerning PERSON, U.S. Citizens, and Tax-Payers
  • Benefits And Legal Information Of PERSON And A Sovereign
  • Beneficial Public Servant Questionnaire Form
  • Detailed Instructions And Certified Sovereignty Forms
  • Legal Information On Rebutting All Tax Collections
  • Legal Information On Divorcing From The United States
  • Legal Information On Terminating A Driver’s License
  • Instructions On How And What To Send To The Government
  • Instructions To Prevent All False Presumptions
  • Legal Information On Correcting Identification Cards And Passports
  • Legal Information On Legally Rebutting Social Security Numbers



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