From the many emails and multiple great comments on my YouTube channel that I have received, people have been asking me the almost identical question, as to how would they go about tracing their family’s genealogical background. 

Some of them stated that they have attempted to start their research on their own, but they tend to quit abruptly due to the lack of supporting instructions (directions) as to where they should look next. 

Also, I took notice to many people stating that they have since researched the information and sources presented in this article, concerning those famously known DNA Genealogy Test companies, like 23andMe and AncestryDNA just to name a few, consistently producing fictitious test results, but promoting the results as if they’re in fact creditable and factual records of information surrounding your actual genealogical historic background. Absolutely Not!

Those constant contacts from people I have received led me to put together this very informative package below. 

This will assist those in need of guidelines as to how the beautiful journey, of learning and researching one’s historic background should go step by step from start to finish. 

That is exactly what is inside of my package. Detailing each step to take hassle-free, and allowing you (being the researcher) the benefit of having a Peace of Mind knowing that you won’t ever get stuck with what to do next, nor how to do it exactly. 

This very beneficial and affordable method is guaranteed to assist you in your journey of tracing your family’s genealogical historic background.


The package that is automatically sent to your email includes (but it is not limited to) the following:

  • How To Trace Your Native Tribe
  • Step By Step Instructions From Start To Finish
  • Research Guidelines For Beginners
  • Research Guidelines For Adopted Children
  • Detailed Information On Researching Family Historic Records (Online)
  • Detailed Information On Researching Family Historic Records (In Person)
  • Over 40+ Necessary Microfilm Index Card Numbers (With Descriptive Info) – Genealogical Researching
  • Resourceful Information To Gain Access To Uncommon Family Historic Documents And Records
  • Useful Direct Sources To Assist With Extensive Researching
  • Customer Support From Our Team (During Normal Business Hours)



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