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Who Said That All African-Americans Came From Africa And Why?

Millions of Americans were forcefully taught about the topic of American History through industrialized Institutions throughout the 1600’s and beyond. 

These Institutions were ordered to legally plagiarize their publications from the likes of some very eminent key individuals, whom which were responsible for delivering a form of idiosyncratic unscrupulous manipulation, towards the rebellious revolutionaries whom they attempted to capture and later enslave.

In other words, this was a mastermind tactic utilized to implement fear and sorrow into the mindset of the millions of Indigenous Aborigines, in order to make the Aborigines halt their respective rebellions against the uprising of the Caucasoid European regime. 

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Aborigines of America in Public Schools 1900s

Who Changed American History?

The copper-colored Americans, or rather the Aborigines of America, who were born in America between the years of 1740 and 1912, are very essential to Aborigine American History, for they knew exactly of the unadulterated truth surrounding our actual history here in America. 

Many books were published during the late 1700s and well into the mid 1800s, but very few were written by Indian and/or African slaves, of course due to slavery and it’s many laws surrounding it, preventing the Aborigines and African slaves to read and write in their respective original languages and/or the English language.

Allegedly, the first recorded (quote) “African slave” to have been able to publish any book in America was given the name of Phillis Wheatley. 

Phillis was famously known for writing beautiful poems in the English language, depicting various topics from her natural imagination. Her poetry was published in the year of 1773, in a book entitled “Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral.” 

Phillis Wheatley was said to have been of African descent, having been born somewhere located in West Africa, however, there are no authentic historical records of her actual place of birth nor of her original date of birth. So all entities documenting her origins are fictitious, and shall be taken with a grain of salt. 

I’ll be sure to produce a documentary detailing the untold history about Phillis Wheatley at a later time, but I mentioned her to display the difficulties in gathering such authentic documentation of that time period in America, and to also point out the fact that the Department of Historic Resources and the American Textbook Council has since changed hundreds of respective historical doctrines, in order to justify their true hidden diabolical agendas and propaganda, and to deem their divergent interpretations as official records of American History. 

Furthermore, this consistent method keeps authentic historical data in the dark from the public’s eye. This should make you wonder what they are really hiding, and not only just what, but also why?

When Did The Out Of Africa Theory Begin?

The biggest portion of their hidden agenda was the abominable sabotaging of American Aborigines history, legacy, languages, cultures and heritage systematically. Of course they couldn’t pull this task off on their own, so they implemented a methodology format based solely on the scientific concepts of Eugenics. 

According to the National Archives, the term Eugenics was coined by a British natural scientist and explorer named Francis Galton in the year of 1883. 

There is a gift and a curse to utilizing this method of manipulative science, because it is said to help improve a selected group of people, and their future generations to come, to overtake and oversee yet another set group of people and their future generations, by way of extermination of their mindsets only. This rabbit hole goes much deeper than one may assume. 

Allow me to simplify the explanation of this paramount method utilized by the likes of our governmental industrialized Institutions throughout America still til this very day. 

Eugenics literally changes everything that any person was ever taught of or even thought of, previously before this selection was carried-out upon him or her. According to Francis Galton, this system would allow (quote) “more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable.” 

Galton was heavily influenced by the likes of a English Naturalist, biologist and the first-ever documented genealogist by the name of Charles Darwin. Darwin singlehandedly developed the controversial theory surrounding human specimen and the system of natural selection. 

During the early 1900’s, the social engineering aspect of Darwin’s theory became very popular worldwide amongst many scientists alike, high-ranking politicians and it even caught the eye of the elitist; the most powerful globalist to ever exist in modern times. 

They all played a prominent role in elevating the advancement of eugenics, specifically for the sake of humanity, at the cost of whatever they desire. Religiously following this formula of a rule by dubbing it as (quote) “survival of the fittest.” 

This method is solely responsible for delivering the many delusional hypothesized explications for well over one hundred years now. 

For example, the heavily popularized 1976 fictional novel called “The Roots” which was allegedly written by a black former U.S. Coastal Guard 1st Sergeant named Alex Haley, was intentionally utilized to further dismiss the actual history of the Aborigines of America. 

For starters, Alex Haley, along with other unknown co-conspirators, created the Kinte Foundation in 1972, four years prior to the release of the novel The Roots, in order to create and manage manipulative records that aided his fictitious storyline as well as to allegedly help aid in tracing black genealogy, in which this foundation quietly became a few famously known Ancestry DNA companies soon after.

Due to its popularity and overwhelming responses of intrigued black Americans, Alex Haley was forced to admit that his novel was merely fictional and not based on a true story like it was originally published as such. What is also important to note, Alex Haley and company were sued by another author named Harold Courlander.  

Courlander had previously wrote and published a fictional novel entitled “The African” which included a very familiar storyline and a main character named Kunta Kinte, that was plagiarized in Haley’s The Roots novel. This suit was settled outside of court and Courlander was awarded a whopping total of  $650,000 dollars. 

This should also make you question all of Haley’s work in general, especially his 1965 novel called The Autobiography of Malcolm X, as it was released only after Malcolm X’s assassination without written nor verbal consent of Malcolm’s direct family members. Plus he admitted to changing up multiple things he originally wrote, in which the majority of the public has no idea of. 

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