Tracking Your Family's Genealogical History By Records

By: Dane Calloway

According to the hundreds of emails and multiple great comments on my YouTube channel that I have received, people have been asking me the almost identical question, as to how would they go about tracing their family’s genealogical background by records. This book provides the basic instructions to help get you started on your journey.

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Author: Dane Calloway

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How do you tell a child that Santa Claus is just a myth, the Tooth Fairy does not exist, or that a bunny and its eggs have no correlation with the story of Easter Sunday? What if that child grows into their adulthood believing these fairytales? Are the parents to blame for sharing blatant lies with their children? Is lying to a child a part of developing their mental capabilities? And once that child becomes an adult with their own children, is it still okay to continuously spread those same lies? This same social engineering tactic is traditionally utilized by the anonymous writers of American History, along with the dictators of the American educational system, in order to provide the child or adult a false hope in a false hero or heroine, manipulating their minds to consent to be controlled.

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Authors: Dane Calloway & Taneisha Calloway

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